Materials (to make one bib)
- 1/2 Yard of fabric
- 1/2 Laminated towel
- 50 Inch bias tape
- 1 Inch of Velcro
- Bias color thread, scissors, fabric marker, iron

Step 1:
Iron the fabric to take out creases.

Step 2:
Place the bib pattern pattern (part 1) and pattern (part 2) over the back side of the fabric. If the fabric has any print, check that it is on the appropiate direction and straight. Draw the pattern with the fabric marker. Cut it leaving 1/2 Inch allowance.

Step 3:
Place the laminated towel with the laminated side facing up. Place the pattern over the towel, but this time by the other side you did it with the printed fabric. Draw the pattern over the laminated side. A pen will work perfectly.

Place the printed fabric with the right side (with the printing) facing us and place the towell fabric over it, with the laminated side faacing us too. The two fabric right sides must be facing each other. Pin them.

Step 4:
Start sewing by following the pattern line and leaving a little opening at the bottom side, to allow us to turn out the fabric.

Cut along the seam leaving about 0.2 Inch, and take off the extra fabric. Turn the bib inside out by using the little opening we left.

You can use a pencil to turn the edges from inside out.

Step 5:
Iron the bib and fold in the opening to sew it with no troubles and iron the bias tape, half folded.

Cut a piece of Velcro about 1 inch long and round its edges.

Step 6:
Pin one side of the bias tape to the edge of the Bib and start sewing it using same bias color thread. I like to start sewing from where the picture shows. 

By using your fingers, tighten the Bias while sewing the rounded areas to avoid creases in the bias tape.

When you reach the other side of the bib, fold the bias and turn the bib to continue sewing.

Finish the bias tape sewing by sewing it with the starting point bias tape.

Step 7:
Place the ithcy velcro side where the red circle shows and the soft velcro side where the green circle does. Sew them with a neutral thread color. (Note that the green-red circles picture does not have the bias tape sewed because I usually sew them before the bias tape, but I think is better to do it after it).

The Bib is finshed! Great work!

Any question or comment, don't hesitate to contact me :-)

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Regina dijo...

Hola!! primera en comentar.

Como fué la feria?? pasasteis frio? muchas ventas? Ya he visto alguna foto en tu flickr, cuanta gente!!

Oye, este tutorial es buenisimo! Tengo que probarlo, aunque no soy muy buena con la maquina de coser, aver si me enseñas jaja.
Pero no entiendo que es eso de la toalla plastificada...No lo había oído nunca.

Besos guapa y ya me contarás que tal la feria i que tal las vacaciones!


Potosamia dijo...

Hola Regina!

Si la feria fue muy bien y me lo pasé en grande :-)

La toalla plastificada es un tipo de toalla que se vende para hacer los cubresomieres, sobre todo. Es una tela que por un lado es de toalla corta y por el otro lado es plástico. Yo ya compro en los Encantes viejos ;-)

La verdad es que hacer estos baberitos es muy agradecido: no es demasiado difícil y lucen mucho. Ánimate a probarlo y ya me enseñas fotos.

Felices fiestas,